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A Complete Smile for the New Year

Still Suffering From Missing Teeth? Another year has gone by in a flash, and, as we welcome in the 2017 new year, we want to take some time to talk about the benefits of dental implants. Many of our current and prospective patients suffer from one or more missing teeth, when they don’t necessarily have… Continue reading

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How Dental Implants Can Help Slow Aging

Our appearance means a lot to us and we all spend a lot of time taking care of our skin, whether it’s by using lotions or by eating in the right way to produce the energy our skin cells need to keep on living. Did you know, though, that if you haven’t replaced your missing… Continue reading

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How Do These 10 Foods Impact Your Teeth?

Everyone knows that foods like candy and beverages like soda are terrible for your teeth, but it’s harder to determine the dental impact of certain others. For example, not many people know that beer and citrus are considered bad for your teeth due to their high levels of acidity. Other foods may be surprisingly good… Continue reading

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Upgrade Your Oral Health With Top Quality Dental Products

When you think of the items that you’re willing to pay top dollar for, dental care products may not top your list. When basic oral care products are extremely inexpensive, why would anyone look for state-of-the-art variations? The reasons range from increased fun and style to appealing new and innovative ways to approach your daily… Continue reading


Top 3 Vitamins and Minerals for a Healthy Smile

Are you taking your vitamins daily? From strengthening the immune system to providing anti-inflammatory benefits, vitamins and minerals can aid the body in several ways. Most patients are surprised to find out that vitamins and minerals can even help their dental health. Including these building blocks — either through supplements or food sources — is… Continue reading

Conquer Fears

How to Conquer Your Dental Fear

It’s no surprise that regular visits to your dentist are absolutely essential for maintaining a healthy smile. At these routine appointments, you’ll have a thorough teeth cleaning and your dentist will be able to examine your smile for any early signs of tooth decay or gum disease. While most of us recognize the importance of… Continue reading


Coffee Lovers — Avoid Staining Your Smile

How do you start off your day? For many of our patients here in Trenton, the day doesn’t actually start until they’ve had their daily dose of caffeine. Whether you make your own coffee at home or go to your local cafe, avid coffee drinkers should be aware of the risks of tooth stains. Drinking… Continue reading

Tooth Brushing

The Fascinating History of the Toothbrush

From high-tech electronic toothbrushes to the ole fashioned manual toothbrush, there’s no shortage of dental care products on the market. No matter the current state of your dental health or your budget restrictions, you’re sure to find a toothbrush that best suits your individual needs. This is a far cry from the primitive dental tools… Continue reading

Bad Habits

Quit These Habits for a Healthier Smile

Whether you bite your nails or have a tendency to overeat, we all have at least one bad habit we wish we could kick. According to a 60 Minutes poll from 2015, some of the most irritating bad habits include smoking, nail biting, using crude language, and speaking while chewing food. In addition to annoying… Continue reading