Halloween Candy

The Top 5 Most Harmful Halloween Candy

Ghosts, goblins, and…cavities? Frightening scares this Halloween don’t just include ghost stories and superstitions! According to the National Retail Federation, it’s expected that roughly seven in 10 Americans plan to celebrate Halloween this year. Celebrations can range from trick-or-treating, attending or hosting parties, and of course, eating Halloween candy. While indulging in sweets is an… Continue reading

Pinhole Surgical Technique

Pinhole Surgical Technique with Dr. Younes

Unsurprisingly, gum disease and gum recession are major problems for many people. According to the Canadian Dental Association, seven out of 10 Canadians will develop gum disease at some time in their lives. Gum disease is a condition marked by red, swollen gums that bleed easily upon probing. In a majority of cases, gum disease… Continue reading

Appear Younger

Can Dental Implants Make You Appear Younger?

Anti-aging serums and creams aren’t the only products on the market to enhance your youthful appearance. In fact, making changes to your smile can also have a dramatic effect on the overall appearance of your face! Your smile is an important facial feature. According to a survey conducted by Kelton Global, 48% of adults think… Continue reading

Dental Implants

Avoiding Dental Implant Failure

With their natural appearance and unparalleled durability, it’s no wonder that more of our patients here in Trenton are opting for dental implants. Unlike other restorative options, dental implants can last for decades with the proper maintenance and require no more upkeep than your natural teeth. Despite being the gold standard of restorative dental treatments,… Continue reading

Smiling into mirror

Why Flossing is a Crucial Part of Oral Health

What’s the one thing dentists always seem to tell us after examining our teeth? It’s something we’ve been taught to do since we learned how to brush our teeth, but for some reason, it’s often BRUSHED to the side. Dangers when Avoiding Brushing Flossing is as important to dental hygiene as brushing is. Many fail… Continue reading

Happy Dental Implants Candiate

When You’re A Candidate For Dental Implants

There’s no skirting around the mirror when you notice gaps in your teeth, or teeth that have seen better days prior to staining and yellowing. The possible onset of infections and gum disease become even more prevalent when your teeth aren’t living up to their full potential. Because our mouths and oral health are an… Continue reading