You’re Never Too Old to Have Your Teeth Straightened

Having crooked teeth or teeth alignment problems is common, but it might make you feel reluctant to smile or self-conscious about talking to people. If you didn’t have orthodontics done as a child, it’s not too late to do so as an adult. Learn more about orthodontics for adults, such as Invisalign Belleville treatment, so you can enjoy having straight teeth and a beautiful smile.

Reasons for Orthodontic Treatment in Adults

Why might adults have orthodontic treatment done? While orthodontics are usually associated with children, adults might look into this type of treatment. Adults with teeth alignment problems can gain self-confidence from having their teeth straightened or bite problems corrected. This type of treatment can improve their smile significantly. Orthodontic treatment for adults provides other benefits as well. Correcting crooked or misaligned teeth can also help improve dental health. These problems can make teeth harder to thoroughly brush and floss, which can raise the chance of developing tooth decay or gum disease. Undergoing orthodontic treatment helps adults reduce the risk of needing major dental work done later on.

Good Candidates for Adult Orthodontic Treatment

Can any adult have orthodontics done? While many can, some might not be considered good candidates for this type of treatment. Some types of orthodontic treatment, such as braces, might not be suitable for those who have advanced gum disease. Treatments that involve shifting teeth into a straighter position or into proper alignment can be hard to do when gum disease is present. In some cases, these treatments can make this condition worse. Adults with underlying medical conditions, such as diabetes, might need to check with their doctor to see if orthodontic treatment is a good option. Certain medical conditions can make orthodontic treatment difficult to do.

Orthodontic Treatment Options for Adults

What kinds of orthodontic treatments are available for adults? Traditional treatments, such as braces, can be used to straighten teeth or correct bite problems in some adults. Braces are placed on teeth and worn all the time until treatment is done. Adults who wear braces need to be careful about what they eat and how they brush and floss. Braces can make it hard to clean all tooth surfaces.

For those who are looking for an alternative to braces, Invisalign might be an option to consider. These clear aligners are plastic trays that are custom-made to fit teeth securely and comfortably. They’re also not as visible as traditional metal braces. Adults who wear these aligners can remove them in order to thoroughly clean their teeth and gums, which helps lower the risk of dental problems. Invisalign trays need to be worn for a specific amount of time each day, so that they can reposition teeth. Those who have them can expect to different series of trays throughout treatment as their teeth shift position.

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