You Make Me Smile Dental Clinic: Behind the Scenes

Watch: Centre For Workforce Development at the You Make Me Smile Dental Clinic


When you think about a dental office, what comes to mind? You could picture a sterile environment, bright lights, and the sound of a dental drill. However, there’s much more to a dental office than meets the eye. In this video, Dr. Rahed Younes and his team share what working at the You Make Me Smile dental clinic in Trenton and Belleville, Canada is like.

About Dr. Younes

Dr. Younes, the clinic’s general dentist, has been practicing for over 25 years. He’s passionate about helping people achieve oral health and changing their thoughts about dentistry. For Dr. Younes, dentistry is personal. He had a bad experience with dental care as a child and is determined to make a difference in his patients’ lives.

A Typical Day at the Clinic

Each day at You Make Me Smile begins with a morning huddle. Each team member reviews their charts and prepares for the day’s patients. Although the clinic is organized and scheduled, unexpected situations can arise, and the team must be ready to adapt. Despite the fast-paced nature of the job, the group finds their work rewarding.

Behind the Scenes with the Patient Coordinator

Lora, a You Make Me Smile Dental Center patient coordinator in Trenton, has been with the clinic for about five years. Despite not having a background in dentistry, she’s gained considerable knowledge and continues to learn something new every day. Lora’s role requires her to be proficient in Word, Excel, and occasionally PowerPoint, as she handles appointments, insurance, and billing. The clinic provides training through a consultancy agency to ensure consistency and adherence to desired protocols.

What Lora finds most rewarding is the patient care aspect of her job. She is passionate about making people comfortable and happy during their visits. She also takes pride in witnessing patients’ transformations and increases confidence following treatments like smile makeovers. Lora’s work at You Make Me Smile is vital in creating positive experiences for patients and helping them achieve their best oral health.

A Glimpse Into the World of Treatment Coordinators and Dental Assistants

Sarah is a treatment coordinator and a certified level two dental assistant at You Make Me Smile Dental Center. In her dual role, she experiences variety and versatility in her daily tasks. As a treatment coordinator, she communicates with insurance companies, sends predeterminations for patients, and meets with them to discuss estimates and financial needs. In addition to these responsibilities, she switches between her treatment coordinator role and dental assistant duties.

Discovering the Role of a Dental Hygienist

Cheyenne is the dental hygienist at You Make Me Smile Dental Center. In her role, she employs a range of skills, such as hand-eye coordination and physical agility, to assess clients’ oral health and provide necessary treatments. To become a dental hygienist in Canada, students must complete a dental hygiene program and pass the National Board examination.

A career in dentistry, like Cheyenne’s, requires focus, problem-solving skills, excellent communication with patients, and ongoing education to keep up with advances in the field. Cheyenne plays a crucial role in helping patients maintain their oral health and ensuring they receive comprehensive dental care at the clinic.

How to Be a Successful Dental Hygienist

Successful dental hygienists like Cheyenne possess various skills and qualities contribute to their effectiveness. These traits include diligence, thoroughness, professional commitment, and lifelong learning. Dental hygienists must participate in ongoing education every year to stay current in their field.

The job of a dental hygienist also has its physical aspects. It demands adaptability and good hand-eye coordination since they must work in different positions and avoid repetitive movements. Scaling and root planing require precision, making these skills essential. In addition to direct patient care, Cheyenne is responsible for various other tasks that contribute to the smooth running of the dental clinic.

Sterilization and proper documentation are critical parts of Cheyenne’s role as a dental hygienist. Ensuring that instruments are clean and safe for use is crucial to maintaining a sanitary environment for patients. Accurate record-keeping helps track patients’ oral health and treatment progress. Cheyenne also assists with the general flow of the office, collaborating with other team members to create a seamless patient experience at You Make Me Smile Dental Center.

The Rewards of a Career in Dentistry

While dentistry can be a challenging career, it’s also rewarding. The earning potential for dental hygienists and dentists is relatively high, and there are opportunities for advancement in the field. Above all, dentistry requires compassion and a willingness to put patients’ needs first.


In conclusion, the You Make Me Smile dental clinic is where the team is committed to providing quality dental care to their patients. Their work is challenging but gratifying, as they help people achieve their best oral health. If you’re interested in pursuing a career in dentistry, this clinic may be the place for you.