Top 3 Vitamins and Minerals for a Healthy Smile

Are you taking your vitamins daily?

From strengthening the immune system to providing anti-inflammatory benefits, vitamins and minerals can aid the body in several ways. Most patients are surprised to find out that vitamins and minerals can even help their dental health.

Including these building blocks — either through supplements or food sources — is critical to maintaining great oral health.

What Vitamins and Minerals Should I Include?

Before making a trip to your local vitamin shop, it’s important to learn what vitamins and minerals will give the most bang for your buck. Several of these supplements won’t just boost your oral health but also help with overall bodily function.

Some of the best vitamins and minerals include:

Vitamin C: A few hundred years ago, severe vitamin C deficiency was a widespread issue resulting in the disease, scurvy. While scurvy is no longer a problem nowadays, we still find that even mild vitamin C deficiency can lead to visible bodily effects.

One of the most common side-effects of lack of vitamin C is bleeding gums. Include Vitamin C in your daily diet to help strengthen the gums and soft tissue of the mouth. Vitamin C is also important for preventing gum disease, which eventually leads to tooth loss.

Be sure to get your daily intake of Vitamin C though citrus fruits, potatoes, and leafy greens.

Calcium: You’ve heard the phrase before; calcium is important for strong bones. As important as calcium is for a strong body, it’s equally important for the structural support of the mouth. Calcium helps to strengthen the tooth enamel and the jawbone, which serves as the foundation of your smile.

Good sources of calcium include milk, yogurt, cheese, broccoli, and salmon.

Vitamin D: Calcium is only helpful if your body is able to utilize it to strengthen the teeth and jawbone. This is where vitamin D comes in. Vitamin D is important for boosting bone mineral density by making the most out of calcium intake.

Vitamin D, also known as the sunshine vitamin, is naturally made when you’re exposed to sunlight. Other ways to get vitamin D include consumption of fatty fish, tuna, and portobello mushrooms.

Moral of the Story: Boost Dental Health with Vitamins

Bottom line: vitamins are a great way to promote a healthier smile. However, vitamins won’t be able to help an already damaged smile. For this reason, patients should still follow the fundamental pillars of great oral health, which includes proper oral hygiene and regular visits to the dentist.
If these crucial steps are being followed, feel free to include vitamins and minerals to boost your pearly whites!