Tooth Brushing

The Fascinating History of the Toothbrush

From high-tech electronic toothbrushes to the ole fashioned manual toothbrush, there’s no shortage of dental care products on the market. No matter the current state of your dental health or your budget restrictions, you’re sure to find a toothbrush that best suits your individual needs.

This is a far cry from the primitive dental tools that were used throughout human history. In fact, dental care products have made tremendous advancements in just the past century.

So, what are the origins of the toothbrush? The evolution of this dental device may just surprise you!

Dental Care: From Primitive to Modern

Evidence of the first form of a toothbrush dates all the way back to the ancient Egyptians in 5000 BC. During this period, the Egyptians simply used the index finger along with a tooth powder comprised of ash, eggshell fragments, and pumice.

The first known device for cleaning the teeth dates back to around 3500- 3000 BC with the Babylonians. This ancient society used a device referred to as a chewing stick, a twig with a frayed end. The ancient Chinese were the first to make an actual device similar to what we recognize as the modern toothbrush. The brush was made of horse-tail hair and dates back to around 1200. Following this, most civilizations continued to use primitive versions of the toothbrush with either horse hairs or boar hairs.

The next major advancement for dental care didn’t occur until 1780 when William Addis made the first mass-produced toothbrush. Addis made the first toothbrush while serving time in prison ten years prior. He created the toothbrush handle from a small animal bone and made small holes to attach bristles. Upon his release, he created a business called Wisdom Toothbrushes, which is still in business today.

Refinement of the modern toothbrush occurred in 1937 with the invention of nylon. Up until that point, most toothbrushes continued to use animal hair for the bristles. Softer nylon bristles were created in the 1950s to gently remove plaque without scraping of tooth enamel.

Today, we have an endless variety of toothbrushes, ranging from different types of bristles, colors, handle shapes, and more. Along with manual toothbrushes, we also have different electric toothbrushes to choose from.

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Tools like the toothbrush aren’t the only aspect of dental care that has progressed over the years. Modern technology in dentistry allows us to treat almost any issue.

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