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In a single day and with a single dental implant treatment, our procedures allow you to return to your normal everyday life the instant you walk out our doors.  

You’ll no longer have to deal with the discomfort of missing teeth and the consequences they bring.

The results you seek are simply a phone call away.

Our team is dedicated to quality care !

  • 99% of bite function restored so eating, talking, and comfort are realized each day
  • beautiful aesthetic result that looks and feels just like natural teeth
  • Shorter treatment times and fewer visits
  • Easier day-to-day maintenance due to the fact that this is a “fixed” prosthetic vs. “removable”
  • A much lower cost of treatment because we can stabilize all of the teeth by using 5 to 6 dental implants at no additional cost. We do this to “over-engineer” our Teeth in a Day cases for the most predictable results!
  • Jawbone deterioration prevention – Implant fixtures are biocompatible and are organically assimilated by the jaw
  • Implants are permanent and long-lasting

6 critical elements to success

There are six critical elements of completing a treatment like Teeth in a Day that you should understand before choosing a dentist. These critical elements can make a huge difference in the final outcome as well as your overall dental implant experience. To be well on your way to an amazing new smile, make sure to ask about these elements.

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1 – Quality Materials

There are two fundamental sets of materials that this treatment is comprised of… The dental implants themselves, and the restoration (teeth). Simply put, there are cheap, poorly made implants, and quality, well-made implants designed to last for a lifetime.

We use Teeth in a Day / TeethXpress for our patients since it has been scientifically proven and time-tested to withstand the day-to-day load of the force of your bite as well as its ability to quickly integrate with the bone shortly after being placed. We only use top quality implant systems with proven reliability. With a procedure of this magnitude we insist on using a quality implant system that will do its job and last a lifetime. As far as the restoration, there are many different labs and materials that can be used. Some look great, and some look terrible and cheap. Our main concern is the function and aesthetics that the restoration will provide to you. 

The result is a permanent tooth replacement system that looks completely natural, matches the function of natural teeth and requires no special care beyond daily brushing and upkeep using Waterpik, a water dental flosser.

2 – Surgical Process

Given the fact that this treatment essentially loads a full set of teeth on 5 to 11 dental implants, you can imagine the importance of the implants being placed and restored at the exact and precise angle needed to withstand the forces and hold up for the long term.

Prior to the emergence of Digital Guided Surgery, dentists and dental specialists would use freehand techniques to determine the depth / density of the bone, and the correct angulation of the teeth. Now we can determine all of that and more instantly with a CBCT scan and the fully guided system that we use to complete these cases. We utilize the most advanced, leading-edge 3D technology to allow for precise implant placements. This technology eliminates the need for blind drilling, lengthy denture conversions, and needless uncertainty. The most important aspect of this treatment to us is the fact that it will give you a predictable outcome each and every time. That is why we remove the guesswork from this surgery by utilizing digital technology to assist in the delivery. The calculations are exact and results consistent.

Today’s dental implants have success rates of 95–98% over a period of 15 years. There are some factors that can increase the risk of implant failure, including smoking and drinking alcohol, but generally implants are very safe and predictable.

3 – Comfortability

One of our primary concerns for all of our patients revolves around creating a comfortable, and relaxing experience throughout the duration of your treatment. You should feel minimal discomfort during the procedure. Our own Dr. Raed Younes and Dr. Gokhan Shevket are certified in oral, nitrous and intravenous sedation. These are great options for patients who suffer from dental anxiety.

We also refine our process to reduce your visits to the office to the bare minimum. We retain an anesthesiologist to conduct and monitor all patients while under IV sedation and we can typically combine the extractions of any remaining teeth and the placement of the implants on the first day, followed by the loading of the provisional teeth all on the next visit! That is one of the huge benefits of choosing an all-under-one-roof type facility like You Make Me Smile Dental Centre.

4 – Affordability

There are many questions that surround the topic and the questions of “how much is it?” and rightfully so…

This is a lifetime purchase and something that is extremely important. Sometimes you’ll find advertisements for inexpensive dental implants, but you should take care to investigate further. These offers often include only the fixture, and the rest of the cost is made up when they charge you for the crown. Remember that dental implants are a three-piece system, and the price may only partially cover the procedure. Furthermore, cheaper options also come at a cheaper quality, which not only increases the risk of failure and impaction but can also mean that the results may not look very good, aesthetically.

Yes, some options are more affordable than others, but with different financing options available to you, we make an effort to put the best solution within your financial reach. Settling for less may also end up costing you more in the future, especially if you have to pay to replace an infected implant. By making the right choice today, you help save money and time tomorrow.

5 – Experience

Different dentists can approach the small details of your dental implant procedure completely differently. For example, looking at the same case of bone loss, one dentist may recommend a bone graft and another may not.

The best way of finding a dentist you can be confident in is by asking about previous cases. Ask them for examples of their work and explore what their rate of success is. You are also encouraged to ask about the dentist’s education. Do they have any continuing education or additional certifications? Ask how many dental implant procedures he, or the practice, has performed. As aforementioned, there’s no problem with asking to see before-and-after photos of other cases, so that you can see the quality of the dentist’s work.

Finally, it’s always a good idea to ask whether the entire procedure will be done by the same dentist or whether you will have to go to other providers for part of the treatment. Some dentists may refer you to other practices for specific portions of the procedure and it’s important to be aware of the possibility. However, it’s often preferable to have the treatment done by a practice which can take you through the entire experience. A poorly placed implant can suffer from a higher risk of infection and failure, which only means more discomfort and higher costs for you. Choosing the right dental implant provider the first time, by doing your research, pays off in the long-run.

We have an entire team dedicated to specifically taking care of full arch / Teeth In a Day patients.

6 – Guarantee

The vast majority of dental practices do not offer any type of guarantee, but we do. We offer a 5-year warranty on all of our full arch cases that states that if anything goes wrong after treatment we will fix it for free!

What to Expect?

  1. Your Complimentary one-on-one consultation
  2. Planning your new Teeth-In-A-Day smile.
  3. Planning the aesthetics of your smile
  4. Computer guided implant surgery
  5. The dental implant procedure
  6. The healing process for your new smile
  7. Completing your picture perfect smile


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