Healthy, beautiful smile. A portrait of a doctor holding an artificial jaw with an orthodontic appliance.

Overlooked Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants are a smart way to replace missing teeth. This safe, effective procedure can restore your smile in a way that dentures can’t. However, this is far from the only benefit that you’ll get from choosing this service. If you’re searching for dental implants in Trenton, here are a few lesser known perks that might just inspire you to take the next step.

Better Speech

People may think that you need to lose most of your teeth before speech starts to become affected. However, it only takes one missing section to impact your enunciation. When people can’t hear you or have to repeat yourself, it can quickly become an exercise in frustration. Implants are designed to stay in place no matter where you are or what you’re doing. This way, you can be confident whenever you need to speak up.

More Comfort

Dentures can sometimes slip out of place. They can also be a hassle to clean and care for. While dentures are an effective solution for people, the comfort of dental implants typically surpasses the alternatives. With implants, you’re essentially going back to a full set of teeth. No matter what you’re doing — whether it’s eating or just walking around — you’ll be free from discomfort. You won’t have that nagging sensation anymore that something is off.

A Healthier Lifestyle

Missing teeth put pressure on your existing teeth. They’ll have to work harder when you chew, which can leave them vulnerable. It leaves room for them to slide around and large gaps for bacteria to move in. Teeth implants act as a root within your body, making it possible to strengthen your jaw bone and prevent future tooth decay.

Having implants can also affect your diet for the better. When you can chew properly, it makes it easier to ingest all the fruits, veggies, and whole grains that can give you the energy to lead a better lifestyle. Dental implants are largely thought of as a cosmetic procedure, but the reality is that this is a strong step you can take for your oral health.

Fewer Appointments

Dental restorations, like bridges and partials, require a good deal of upkeep. From replacement to maintenance, you’ll end up at the dentist fairly often. Dental implants are designed to last longer than the other options, which can be a huge burden off your back. Whether you’re busy or just prefer not to see the dentist all that often, this is an overlooked benefit that ends up being pretty valuable.

Preserve the Shape of Your Face

Tooth loss causes partial (or something full) facial collapse. We don’t realize just how much the bones in our jaw play a role in how we look, but the reality is that people without teeth will experience significant change not only to their smile but to the entire shape of their face.

Dental Implants in Trenton

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