Lip Tie & Tongue Tie

Dr. Younes and his team perform laser lip tie & tongue tie – from newborns to adults!

The benefits of tongue-tie & lip tie laser surgery can positively affect your child’s health. Increasing the ability to successfully breastfeed, as well as prevent possible dental problems associated with these anomalies are just some of the benefits.

Belleville and Trenton Lip Tie & Tongue Tie Services

Tongue-tie & lip tie often occur together and, due to their restriction of the tongue and/or lip, typically become evident when an infant experiences difficulty with breastfeeding. Laser lip tie & tongue tie release can improve your baby’s efficiency in breastfeeding and allow for a less painful nursing experience for the mother.

What is Tongue Tie?

Tongue tie occurs when the band of tissue (frenulum) that connects the tongue to the floor of the mouth is abnormally short, tight, or thick, resulting in restricted movement of the tongue.

What is Lip Tie?

Lip tie is a similar condition involving the band of tissue that connects the upper lip to the gum.