How Sedation Dentistry Can Help

When you have anxiety about going to the dentist, you might put off necessary dental care, including cleanings. Sedation dentistry provides a way to help you feel calmer when you’re having dental work or dental cleanings done. Finding a place that offers sedation dentistry in Trenton can help ensure that you have routine dental care done, along with any other dental work you might need. This type of dentistry offers a number of important benefits.

What Is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry involves the use of sedatives to help patients feel more relaxed while having dental care done. Different kinds of sedation can be used, including nitrous oxide, IV sedation and oral sedation. Nitrous oxide is gas that you inhale in order to feel calmer and minimize discomfort. IV sedation involves having sedatives administered intravenously, while oral sedation involves taking oral medication that eases anxiety. Most types of sedation dentistry don’t cause you to be unconscious. Instead, you’ll be in a relaxed state while you have dental work done. Levels of sedation range from minimal to deep sedation, while general anesthesia causes you to be unconscious.

What to Expect

Your experience with sedation dentistry can vary depending on the type and level of sedation you get. Minimal sedation leaves you awake during your dental visit, and you’ll also be aware of what’s going on. However, you can expect to feel relaxed the whole time. Moderate sedation means you might not be fully aware, but you’ll feel calmer. Deep sedation puts you close to an unconscious state, but you can be awakened as needed.

Reasons to Consider Sedation Dentistry

You might consider having sedation dentistry done if you have dental anxiety, especially if you suffer from severe anxiety. Sedation can also help if you have highly sensitive teeth or if you have a bad gag reflex. Other reasons to consider sedation dentistry include having gone through traumatic dental experiences in the past, having trouble getting numb for dental procedures and needing to have dental work in fewer visits. You might also consider sedation dentistry if you have a fear of needles or if you’re sensitive to smells, noises or sights you might be exposed to during dental treatment.


Sedation dentistry can help ease nervousness about going to the dentist. This can make it easier for you to handle dental visits, while also ensuring that you don’t delay having cleanings and other dental work done. Keep in mind that delaying dental care could lead to severe dental problems later on that might require more invasive procedures. Making sure you have routine dental care and minor dental problems handled early helps prevent this. Sedation dentistry also makes it easier for your dentist to perform dental work, especially if you normally have a bad gag reflex or severe dental anxiety.

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