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How Much Do Full Mouth Dental Implants Cost in Canada?

Full mouth dental implants have the potential to improve the way you speak, chew, and look, as well as overall enhance your enjoyment of life. However, getting a dental implant is a major procedure, so you must have all of the information to make a well-informed decision. One of the most important elements of full mouth dental implants for people to consider is the cost.

This article covers how much full mouth dental implants cost in Canada and provides you with all the additional information you need to decide whether dental implants are the right choice.

The Basics: What Are Dental Implants?

Before covering dental implant cost in Canada, let’s first discuss what they are.

Dental implants function as replacement teeth for teeth that have either been extracted or fallen out of your mouth. It generally doesn’t matter why the teeth are missing. It could be due to cavities, tooth decay, injury, or any other cause.

The goal of dental implants is to replace your teeth to improve your ability to use them, restore your smile, and make you feel more confident.

While the idea is the same, full mouth dental implants work differently than regular dental implants. Let’s take a look.

What Are Full Mouth Dental Implants?

Full mouth dental implants work differently than individual implants as there’s less focus on the individual teeth and more focus on all of the teeth in your mouth and how they work together.

In the case of full mouth dental implants, the oral surgeon is replacing a cluster of your missing teeth. You’ll often hear this dental procedure referred to as “all-on-4” or “all-on-6” in the dental community. Here’s why.

Full mouth dental implants usually consist of four to six implants placed on the upper or lower jaw to secure a dental prosthetic into place. This prosthetic has artificial teeth that replace your missing teeth on that arch.

Full mouth dental implants act as a permanent teeth replacement solution and can be considered a denture alternative. Many people prefer them to traditional dentures as they don’t move and are always in your mouth.

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Full Mouth Dental Implants Process

As with any dental prosthetics, these implants are a multi-step process that requires several appointments. The whole process — including healing — typically takes a few months.

After a consultation, the first step is placing implants into the jaw. These posts will serve as anchors for your artificial teeth when the time comes. As this requires oral surgery, you should expect to be sedated throughout the procedure.

Once the implants are in, they need to heal before the prosthetics can be attached. This can take months, and your dentist should give you temporary prosthetics in the meantime so that you can continue to function.

Once your jaw heals from the implant surgery, if your dentist hasn’t done so, they will add abutments, which attach to the implant posts to hold the prosthetics in place. This step may also take some additional time to heal around the gums.

After this part, it’s time to add the dental prosthetics. Your prosthetics will have been custom-made for your mouth. Once they’re attached to the abutments, you’re ready to go!

With all this new information on full mouth dental implants, you must be wondering even more about the costs. Let’s answer the question of how much full mouth dental implants cost.

How Much Do Full Mouth Dental Implants Cost in Canada?

The exact price of full mouth dental implants varies based on the type of implants you need and your location. Generally, this permanent tooth replacement can cost between $7,000 to around $30,000.

While this is a lot of money, full mouth dental implants generally last decades and may even last a lifetime with proper care. You just need to worry about replacing the prosthetics from time to time due to normal wear and tear.

Whether your dental insurance will cover the procedure depends on your policy, but many do at least partially cover the costs.

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Additional Full Mouth Dental Implants Information

Although cost is important, there’s a lot to know about full mouth dental implants. As mentioned, to decide whether full mouth dental implants will be a good choice for you, you should know as much about them as possible.

To help you out, here are some additional elements to keep in mind.

  • The number of dental implants you’ll need depends mainly on the size of your mouth. Your dentist will be able to advise you on this during your consultation.
  • Maintaining your full mouth dental implants is just as important as maintaining your regular teeth. This is especially important to keep in mind to maintain your gum and oral health. Brush them twice a day as you normally would, don’t forget to floss, and keep up with regular teeth cleaning at your dentist.
  • The wrong products may damage your prosthetics. Make sure to use low-abrasive toothpaste when brushing.
  • A full mouth dental implant procedure is more cost-effective than single-tooth dental implants, especially if all of your teeth need to be replaced.

Conclusion: Are Full Mouth Dental Implants Worth It?

Full mouth dental implants are worth it if you want to improve your smile and fully gain better mouth functionality. Although the process can be daunting and expensive, your implants may last a lifetime.

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