Dr. Kutaiba Alzohali – Doctor of Dental Surgery

Dr. Kutaiba Alzohaili is very passionate about dentistry; it is reflected in the work he performs and, in the results achieved for each patient he attends to. This profession allows him to employ his excellent technical skills to help improve peoples’ lives through better health, stronger self-esteem, and wellness. One of his goals as a dentist is to offer outstanding individual focussed care.

He was born in Syria and completed his Doctor of Dental Surgery at Damascus University.  He has worked as a dentist for 20 years starting in Saudi Arabia and has now continued his career in Canada.  A strong belief in lifelong learning and an ability to master new technology while studying current methodology allows him to incorporate best practices. Dr Alzohaili has great expertise, training and experience with comprehensive treatment, restoration, cosmetic, implant and surgical dentistry. He is very devoted to providing the highest level of patient care possible.

As well as being proud to serve you as a dentist he is also a proud family man. He and his wife take great joy raising three children. They are fond of spending time creating meals and trying new recipes together. He also enjoys taking advantage of the incredible outdoors by hiking and camping.