Dental Implants: How Crucial Replacing Teeth Really Is

Dental implants in Trenton are available at You Make Me Smile Dental Centre. Residents in and around Trenton know that they can rely on our team to provide professional care, dignified treatment and adhere to the strictest safety guidelines. When you’re ready to replace missing teeth with dental implants, You Make Me Smile Dental Centre is the place to go.

How Missing Teeth Affect Self-Esteem

If you are missing one or more teeth, you know firsthand how it affects your confidence and your appearance. Teeth are one of the features that represent health and vitality. When teeth are missing, a person looks less healthy. Missing teeth can also impact how much you smile. You may start to avoid socializing with others since you don’t want them to notice your missing teeth. Or you may avoid smiling for the same reason. Unfortunately, when you avoid smiling, others may get the wrong impression. Suffice it to say that missing teeth cause a wide range of social complications. This is one reason why replacing missing teeth is so important, but it’s not the crucial reason.

Why Dental Implants in Trenton Are So Important

Dental implants play a crucial role in the health of your remaining natural teeth, gums, and jawbone. When one or more teeth are missing, the equilibrium of your jaw structure is knocked out of balance. Your bite will go out of alignment, and you may even be able to get proper nourishment. Here’s what happens:

When you have a missing tooth, the butting teeth will eventually start to shift position. Because they have no support structure where the gap is, they may start to lean in or to lean forward or back. This has a domino effect with the teeth that are on their other sides. This ultimately leads to your bite falling out of alignment.

When the bite is misaligned, you may not be able to bite or chew properly. This in turn could lead you to alter your diet so you don’t have to try to eat foods, such as meat, that causes you undue stress while trying to bite and chew. Eventually, you may avoid protein, which could possibly lead to nutrition deficiencies.

Next, when a gap is left where a missing tooth was, the gums change. They may grow into the gap, making it more difficult for a dentist in Trenton when you do decide to get treated. Also, the jawbone over that gap will start to disintegrate. Bones stay healthy when there is force put upon them. With no force from a tooth that is being used to bit and chew, the bone starts to “dissolve.” Unfortunately, the bone is needed to install the dental implant. If you wait too long to replace missing teeth, then that makes the procedure for a dental implant much more complicated. You may need a bone graft, which requires more surgery.

The point is, replacing missing teeth should be done as soon as possible. If you have one or more missing teeth, or a permanent tooth that is ready to come out, visit Make Me Smile Dental Centre in Trenton right away. Our dental implants will restore your smile so you can get on with your life in the best way possible!