Coffee Lovers — Avoid Staining Your Smile

How do you start off your day?

For many of our patients here in Trenton, the day doesn’t actually start until they’ve had their daily dose of caffeine. Whether you make your own coffee at home or go to your local cafe, avid coffee drinkers should be aware of the risks of tooth stains.

Drinking coffee regularly for years or even months can lead to significant tooth discoloration and a dull smile.

How Does Coffee Cause Tooth Discoloration?

Coffee is just one of many dark-pigmented beverages that can dull your smile. Other notorious culprits of tooth discoloration include soda, wine, and black tea. So, how do these beverages impact the brightness of your smile?

Although tooth enamel is known as the hardest substance in the human body, it’s not immune to the staining powers of coffee. The enamel is not a smooth surface and the microscopic pits and ridges actually make it quite easy for pigments to get trapped. After enough time, drinking dark-pigmented beverages will eventually lead to permanent staining.

3 Tips to Avoid Coffee Stains

Don’t worry, you don’t have to give up your daily cup of joe to maintain a bright smile! In fact, taking a few extra precautions can avoid the issue of tooth discoloration altogether. Some of the best ways to avoid coffee stains include:

  1. Set a Time Limit:  Do you drink coffee throughout the day? Drinking coffee over a long period of time continually exposes your teeth to these staining pigments. Minimize your chances of coffee stains by limiting the amount of time you spend drinking coffee.
  2. Rinse With Water: After drinking your coffee, try rinsing your mouth out with water. Rinsing will help to remove potentially staining pigments from coffee.
  3. Use a Straw:  The less contact dark pigment makes with your teeth, the better. Opt for a straw to minimize the contact coffee has with your teeth.

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