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8 Reasons to Consider Sedation Dentistry

If going to the dentist causes anxiety, or you are putting off getting dental work done because of worry, you need to consider Sedation Dentistry in Belleville or Trenton. Sedation Dentistry uses medication to relax you so you have a more pleasant experience.

Here are eight reasons you should consider Sedation Dentistry for your next appointment.

1. Overcoming Anxiety

For some people, anxiety can be paralyzing. Fear of going to the dentist can be so strong that patients don’t get the care and treatment they need to live a healthy life. Others panic during the treatment and are unable to complete it. Sedation Dentistry allows you to manage your anxiety even for the most difficult dental treatments.

2. Managing Pain

Root canals, dental implants, extractions, and other procedures can lead to worries about pain. Sedation Dentistry alleviates this worry and minimizes pain during procedures.

3. Managing Surroundings

The sound of a dentist’s drill or the smells associated with a dentist’s office can induce panic or raise the anxiety level for some patients. These aural, visual, and olfactory reactions may make it difficult to complete treatment. Sedation Dentistry relaxes you so these triggers have less effect.

4. Faster Treatment

For many patients, the most important thing is to get the work done as quickly as possible. While it does take some time to do high-quality dental work, Sedation Dentistry makes it easier for the dentist to work, so the work can be completed in less time, even if you need multiple treatments.

5. Get Multiple Treatments During a Single Visit

If you need extensive dental treatments, or multiple treatments, it can be difficult to deal with. Patients get fatigued, which may trigger even more anxiety. Sedation Dentistry can keep you calm, relaxed, and patient during extended treatments, which lets you get multiple dental concerns taken care of during a single visit.

6. Suppressing the Gag Reflex

Some people also have difficulty going to the dentist because of an involuntary gag reflex. This can make even simple procedures nearly unbearable and difficult. Sedation Dentistry relaxes you and helps relax the gag reflex.

7. Reduce Fidgeting

With Sedation Dentistry, even patients that fidget or have trouble sitting still will be able to relax. This makes the treatment go faster and safer.

8. Reduce Trauma

Your fear of going to the dentist may be the result of a bad memory from a previous dental visit. Pain and fear are powerful emotions. During Sedation Dentistry, you remain in a state of calm. You are less likely to remember specifics about your dental treatment, especially any pain. Time will seem to pass more quickly. Many patients only remember a feeling of peacefulness, so you are left with a better overall experience.

Sedation Dentistry Belleville

Sedation Dentistry can reduce the anxiety you may feel about going to the dentist and allow you to get the treatment you need. Because you have a better experience, not only will the appointment go better for you, but you will be less concerned about any future dental appointments.

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