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On Oct 3, 2020, Public Health officials notified You Make Me Smile Dental Centre (YMMSDC) that one of our team members at our Trenton practice (96 Division Street, Trenton) tested positive for COVID-19. The team member last worked at the practice on Tuesday, September 29, 2020. After leaving work, the team member went to get a COVID-19 test. The member did not return to either the Belleville or Trenton locations after leaving work on September 29th and has been self-isolating since. The reports being made on social media that the team member continued to work after September 29th is untrue. We also want to address statements that we covered up the positive test results. When members of the public contacted our office, we confirmed that a member of our team tested positive and that local health officials notified concerned patients through contact tracing. We also confirmed with callers that the infected individual did not return to work upon the onset of symptoms. Some members of the public also commented that we have not disclosed the identity of the infected individual. Because of privacy reasons, we are not able to disclose the identity of the infected individual to the public. Since discovering the positive test result, we have been cooperating with local officials in their investigation and addressing staff and public concerns. Before rushing to make a public statement, we wanted to make sure that our statement struck the right balance between community safety and unnecessarily alarming the community.

In cooperation with Hastings and Prince Edward Public Health (“HPEPH”) we provided a list of patients that attended the clinic on September 28th and 29th so HPEPH could commence contact tracing. We understand that HPEPH contacted all patients directly and notified them that they may have been in contact with someone who tested positive with COVID-19. We are also taking the extra step of contacting patients who attended the clinics after September 29th. There have been some statements online that other team members may have come into contact with the infected team member. We want the public to know that everyone at YMMSDC is dressed in appropriate PPE including face masks, face shields and gowns. We also perform disinfecting between every visit in every room. We also require our staff to wear gloves when working on patients and require them to change gloves for every visit. Under the circumstances, the risk of spread is very low.

HPEPH did not require that we close our clinics in light of the protective steps we took and therefore, we could continue to remain open. However, with the understandable concern, we made the decision to voluntarily close both the Trenton and Belleville offices on October 6, 2020. Although we have exceeded our sanitary protocols, we will conduct additional sanitizing procedures in both offices. As an added precaution all staff have been asked to take a COVID-19 test.

To date, no other team members are exhibiting any symptoms. During those two days, no direct contact was made with any of the patients or staff without proper personal protective equipment.

YMMSDC has been a strong, long-time supporter of our local community. Every year we provide free dental services to community members through our Dentistry from the Heart event. We are a big supporter of our military and their families and have spent countless hours, resources, and money in support of various community initiatives. We are saddened to read the misinformation being spread on social media about YMMSDC.

Our team members and health professionals risk their health every day to care for people in the community during the pandemic. We kindly ask our community to support us, as we all stay united in fighting the spread of the virus during these tough times.

YMMSDC considers the health and well-being of its patients and employees a top priority. Please visit our website or Facebook page to view content of the measures implemented to protect our patients, team members and the community at large. These safety measures included continuous disinfecting, cleaning, sanitization, ventilation system and ensuring safe physical distancing.

We will contact patients to reschedule appointments that had to be cancelled.

You Make Me Smile Dental Centre Management

PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT – Update October 9, 2020

On Friday October 9, we received news of a new positive covid-19 test in relation to one of our staff. When the office had already closed to the public on Wednesday October 7th, the person attended with minor symptoms and immediately left to be tested. The team member got tested the same day. The team member did not come into contact with any patients before the clinic closed. The team member works alone in a secluded area of the clinic with little to no contact with other staff. At all times, the team member wore appropriate PPE. The positive test is not related to the previous positive test. The two did not have any contact with each other between September 28th and October 9th. We also believe that both cases were contracted in the community outside of work. HPEPH did not ask us for the names or contact information of staff or patients. HPEPH only took the names and contact information of anyone the team member had contact with over the weekend.

In light of this second positive test, we are taking the extra step of keeping our clinics closed until October 19 instead of reopening on October 13. We are also asking staff members to get tested before we re-open our offices to ensure the safety of our patients and our fellow staff members.

We will contact patients to reschedule appointments that had to be cancelled.

Please stay safe and keep you and your family safe!

You Make Me Smile Dental Centre Management



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